Illustrations by Kuvshinov Ilya

I’m usually not a great fan of people that title themselves “illustrators”, but that’s probably due to the circumstances that I got to know that title under.

Anyways. By accident, I just stumbled upon an illustrator called Kuvshinov Ilya, whose portraits and pictures I enjoy very much. Here are some examples:


Disco Ball in Space

Last year I wrote about Orbital Reflector, which is a project by Trevor Paglen aiming to launch a giant, light-reflecting sculpture into earth’s orbit. A similar project had been launched a week a go by Rocket Lab, in secret. It is a much smaller sculpture though, and is described as a giant disco ball in space. It his about 1 meter in diameter. I’m honestly not too excited about this one though, since it doesn’t seem to me like a message to all of humanity.

Orbital Reflector

Trevor Paglen is an artist that has actually earned this title, in my opinion. Many of his art projects are concerned with this abstract “mass surveillance”, and how one could make it observable. Examples are photographs of espionage satellites or of giant undersea internet cable taps. I stumbled upon him by accident on my very first visit to the Chaos Communication Congress, the 30C3. Owing to favourable circumstances, I sat in his talk Seeing The Secret State: Six Landscapes, where he showed an overview of his work on surveillance.