dashed lines with postscript

Added on 2020-08-19 with tags: postscriptdoodlemerveilles

The Merveilles are thinking out loud about another artistic jam, this time themed around programming graphics with Postscript.

Probably for reasons in my upbringing, I have kind of an internal resistance that prevents me from trying new things because of the “failure” it includes, comparing myself with the amazing work other indiduals have already done on that specific topic. Somehow in my head it always becomes a competition, which prevents me from starting at all since “there’s no way I can compete with that”.

Anyways, that’s not much different with this jam. Many other Merveilles inhabitants went off to create amazing pictures with Postscript, and I noticed that instead of feeling inspired and motivated to go and experiment myself, I’m feeling intimidated.
To overcome this inner resistance of mine, I’m trying to push against it and endure this uncomfortable feeling for increasing durations. I’m doing so by taking baby steps in existing Postscript tutorials and drawing basic shapes for now. It doesn’t look like much yet, but the process itself feels super rewarding to me.

So with this in mind, I proudly present to you, a triangle of dashed lines!

dashed lines

If you’d like to see the underlying code or check in from time to time, have a look at my postscript git repo. I probably won’t be accepting patches though ;)