This Thinkpad x250 is my daily driver at the moment. It’s running GNU/Linux and its lid is full of stickers.

The device was good enough at the time (it’s pretty close to the maximum configuration after all), but I wouldn’t buy it again. In fact, I wouldn’t buy another Thinkpad at all. Their cases have become so soft over the years, that the hardware isn’t protected as well as I would like it to be. For the x250 it is a well known issue actually, that by just holding it on one side of the case while it’s folded up (i.e. for moving it around or so), the mainboard can bend so much that it can create tiny hairline cracks. This happened with my device as well, luckily shortly before the end of my warranty. I got a device with a whole new mainboard, which should severely extend the device’s lifespan.
After all, I’m looking for a device that’s even more portable than a 12 inch laptop, so this would be my fixed workstation anyways, where I don’t have to move it that much.