V//Tomo - ♥K e e p Running♥

Added on 2020-10-20 with tags: musicsongfree downloadvaporwaveremix

I recently discovered what vaporwave is, and what it sounds like. The distinctive cover artwork style probably made me curious in the first way.
Anyways, my first contact was some over-the-top-memeing variety of vaporwave, which I don’t particularly enjoy. After diving a little deeper into the experimental music some vaporwave labels also publish though, I also discovered some more pleasing vaporwave tracks.

This song is one of those. It’s called ♥K e e p Running♥ and pays tribute to a well-known t.A.T.u classic. The release あなたがゲームをプレイして喜んでいるなら which it was released on is free to download.