Alicequests - Alpha Centauri

Added on 2020-10-25 with tags: musicchilloutambientexperimentalalbumsynthwavetriphop

Somehow by accident, I stumbled upon the artist Alicequests while cataloging music. It’s a Russian artist creating relaxing electronic music, which is an experimental mix of synthwave and triphop, some featuring vocal parts.

I just happen to listen to their album Alpha Centauri and have to say it’s just perfect for a sunday evening. The beautiful melodies and relaxing breakbeats are perfect for winding down and starting a bedtime ritual. Somehow it also prompts me to reflect the last week and strategize for the one ahead.

Judging by the Bandcamp sales it’s also a real secret tip, which I have to share with you.
I hope you had a nice weekend! :)