I love music. I love music. Couldn’t do without it. I use it to get and stay in the flow, to wind down in the evenings, to distract myself in uncomfortable situations—it’s basically mood control for me.

I also like to discover new music, explore and understand genres I haven’t heard of before, and also to share that with people who are also musically curious. That’s what this section will be for.
My music taste contains mostly electronic music and is currently somewhat moderate as far as energy levels or intensity are concerned. I like it a little rough sometimes though.

I hope some of y’all will find some of these musical pointers, recommendations and mentions of mine as intriguing and fun as it is for me to share them with you.

Bear in mind though that I just started this section, so it isn’t nearly a cohesive picture yet of what music styles or genres I enjoy.

Lone Electrone

Added on 2020-11-07 with tags: musicalbumidmdowntempoglitch hopfree download

It’s a very happy accident that I stumbled upon the self-titled album by Lone Electrone on Earstroke Records. It’s a beautiful mixture of deliberately glitchy, downtempo beats and some electropop-like vocals from a three-headed group from Russia.
I lack the words to describe this appropriately but I think this quote from the release page is very fitting:

[T]heir glitchy and upbeat take on trip hop is a dance-worthy and soothing marriage of beatwork and storytelling.

It’s pay-what-you-want, and if you got no money at all, you can download it for free.

Alicequests - Alpha Centauri

Added on 2020-10-25 with tags: musicchilloutambientexperimentalalbumsynthwavetriphop

Somehow by accident, I stumbled upon the artist Alicequests while cataloging music. It’s a Russian artist creating relaxing electronic music, which is an experimental mix of synthwave and triphop, some featuring vocal parts.

I just happen to listen to their album Alpha Centauri and have to say it’s just perfect for a sunday evening. The beautiful melodies and relaxing breakbeats are perfect for winding down and starting a bedtime ritual. Somehow it also prompts me to reflect the last week and strategize for the one ahead.

Judging by the Bandcamp sales it’s also a real secret tip, which I have to share with you.
I hope you had a nice weekend! :)

Netsh - 50 tracks to enhance your robotic implants

Added on 2020-10-23 with tags: musicbraindanceambienttechnoalbumcharity

Netsh’s album/collection 50 tracks to enhance your robotic implants contains 50 tracks they made over a span of 6 months.
Most of it is braindance (often referred to as “intelligent dance music”), but it also contains some ambient tracks and some techno as well.

The music is super high quality and I listen to it often for doing “deep work” or maintaining a flow state. It’s also great for walks or relaxation though.

Also, every chosen price above 1€ will go to a charity supporting children with autism :)

V//Tomo - ♥K e e p Running♥

Added on 2020-10-20 with tags: musicsongfree downloadvaporwaveremix

I recently discovered what vaporwave is, and what it sounds like. The distinctive cover artwork style probably made me curious in the first way.
Anyways, my first contact was some over-the-top-memeing variety of vaporwave, which I don’t particularly enjoy. After diving a little deeper into the experimental music some vaporwave labels also publish though, I also discovered some more pleasing vaporwave tracks.

This song is one of those. It’s called ♥K e e p Running♥ and pays tribute to a well-known t.A.T.u classic. The release あなたがゲームをプレイして喜んでいるなら which it was released on is free to download.

Death Grips - Lord of the Game (Ursula's Cartridges DnB Remix)

Added on 2020-10-19 with tags: musicsongfree downloaddrum and bassremix

This track is part of an EP named Aвгуст, which is free to download.

It takes those high intensity vocals from Death Grips and gives them a fairly chill yet engaging drum and bass backing. I think this combination is enjoyable to listen to.

Ursula’s Cartridges is a finnish vaporwave/retro project which has many more (also free) releases with chill experimental music in its repertoire.