I recently had to quickly set up a new workstation and wanted to stick to my beloved Linux distribution: Arch Linux. Although it is my default Linux distribution, I still can’t set it up without some reading in the Wiki again and some spare hours. So I decided to try out “Arch Anywhere” (now Anarchy Linux because, you know, trademarks), which provides a more sophisticated install medium.

Since it provides an additional package repository, it calls itself a Linux “distribution”. More to the point would be the term “installation medium”, in my opinion. It provides a guided installation medium with the option to select some software packages to be pre-installed. Most importantly: Bootloader, login manager and desktop environment. Especially getting the latter right used to take me a big portion of the time I needed for a setup.
You can tell the installer to stick to the plain Arch Linux package repositories without adding the customised one. From then on it’s pretty straight forward, and you quickly end up booting an Arch system with the desktop environment of your choice. Now you can begin the more meaningful configuration of the system, which you’re probably better off doing yourself anyways.

It helped me save some time, although I don’t need some fancy-ass Arch Linux derivate. The project itself doesn’t seem to know what its future will bring, but it definately started with the installer (which works great!). I’ll keep the ISO file around for sure :)

Update: The URL doesn’t point to the project’s webpage anymore. It has been changed to I fixed the links above.