Hi! My name is Manuel Groß.
I sometimes go by the aliases mgr, msnu or irimi1.

I’m interested in Open Source, Arch Linux and art in public space.
Oh, and I’m really into stickers.

You can send me an email at mgr at irimi dot one
My GPG fingerprint is F147 93AE 198F 6B47 CF3E 6AE6 EA45 5B15 3B80 4AC5
I’m tooting at mgr@mstdn.io
I keep a little source code at git.sr.ht/~irimi1

This is my little space where I try to organise my thoughts and collect things for reference. It still has a lot of moving parts but I hope things will settle down quickly once I use this more.
Once this happened, I will also provide RSS feeds, as this improvement has recently been added to the next statik milestone.

Sometimes, I write posts about stuff (view all posts)

I also collect links to things I enjoyed or don’t want to forget about (view all links)